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ORI presents the project



A very elegant line with a high technical value together with a fine aesthetic look and a perfect comfort. Sensual and technical items that reinterpret a new a fashionable concept of shaping and forming. The perfect body Shape that combines the ORI leg beauty and silkiness with revolutionary concept of aesthetic wellbeing and forming over legs.


ORI PERFECT SHAPE: shaping top with control effect on the abdomen, hips and thighs. Absolute elegant opacity on the legs.


ORI PERFECT BODY SHAPER: personalised ORI top, shaping effect on the hip, abdomen and waist area. A lace inlay on the back simulates a girdle effect with style and elegance. See through effect and opacity on the legs and for perfect silhouette.


ORI PERFECT CONTROL SHAPE: bikini top with shaping effect on the abdomen, enriched by a precious tulle fabric. Slight control effect on the legs. Absolute softness and opacity on the legs.


ORI PERFECT SHAPE MICRO 100 Den: microfibre tight with slimming and shaping effect control top for thighs and abdomen. Extremely soft and matt microfiber.


ORI GRADUET: graduated compression on the legs. Opaque see-through effect and comfortable top.


ORI BODY ACTION: Push-up effect on the bottom and shaping effect on the abdomen and hips up to the thigh area. Velvetly effect on the legs, opaque see-through effect.


ORI Beverly: Top decorated with geometrical pattern, shaping effect on the hip and abdomen area. Perfect opacity on the legs.








by GBN

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